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Fast Conversion is a dependable Android mobile application development company catering to small and medium sized businesses. We have also worked for enterprises to design and develop business applications for their internal uses. Our expertise lies in understanding of diverse client needs thoroughly, and designing and developing apps to meet those goals.

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Android App Development


Android apps are developed in two ways - native and web based. Native apps are developed exclusively in the java programming languages. Web apps can also be installed on Android by adding a native wrapper to them. Our developers specializing in Android app development services will suggest the best option as per your business needs. The apps we create can connect to the server and perform operations, either on the device, or in the cloud.

Our Clients Say

Android Development Portfolio
Android Development Portfolio

Our Android Development Portfolio

We work with businesses to develop apps in multiple categories. Our developers are very experience with developing games, m-Commerce applications, productivity apps, and more. Our company profile has a successful track record of developing fully functional apps for mobile news sites, photo sharing, social networks, media editing, and much more.

Why Choose Us For Android App Development?

We have been helping businesses get onto the booming Android bandwagon with high quality apps for more than 7 years. We know what makes apps attractive to users, and what kind of optimization strategies can help businesses generate more revenue through their apps. We integrate apps with cloud services securely, to give them even more powerful features.


Experts on Android

Our developers know the workings of Android frameworks inside out. As a reliable web and mobile solutions company, we make apps that are not only polished on how they look, but also function smoothly, and work really fast.


Secure Coding

We are aware of the many ways in which Android devices have been hacked. Our Android app development process is designed to iron out any security bugs, so it remains immune to hackers.


Device Compatibility

Android runs on thousands of different models, and we do our best to ensure that work on the widest variety of devices. We test apps on more than a hundred Android smartphones, and make sure they work as intended.


Social Media Integration

We integrate various social networks very tightly with the apps, exactly according to what our clients ask for. We also keep track of changes in API’s, so that core functionality is never affected, even if social networks change their backend software.


Design Focuses

We don’t just develop blazing fast apps, but we also design them so that they are more attractive to targeted users. Our app designing and development services allows for active user engagements with businesses, which in turn helps in developing long term business relationships.


24/7 Technical Support

If the apps we develop face any technical issues, either on devices or on the backend, our technical team will assist you in resolving the problem at the earliest. Our team has ace Android developers, so you will always have the best and knowledgeable professionals working on your case.

Why use Android App Development?

Android is the most dominant smartphone platform in the world today. It does not matter if businesses have successful websites, blogs, or strong social media presence, having an app on Android opens up the gateway for massive customer engagements. Companies can easily reach hundreds of millions of users at the same time. Sales conversions of even a small percentage of them can boost business profits by a huge margin. Our company has the expertise to create any category of app you want, in order to drive growth.


Widest Reach

Android is by far the most popular smartphone platform, with more than a billion devices in the wild. By having an app on this operating system, businesses get opportunities to generate more revenues, when compared to other platforms.


More Discoverable

It is easier for companies to have their apps discovered through the Google Play Store, as compared to the Apple iTunes app store. Our services do not just end at developing apps. We analyze them closely and optimize them, so that you can market them more efficiently to reach out to more and more potential users.


Easy to Acquire Users

Our Android app development services help companies to acquire new users in an inexpensive way, as compared to iOS development. This is because of the various advertising options available on Android platform. Sponsored ad spots on Play Store search results can give remarkable exposures to the apps.


Faster Apps

Because Android is architected to run fast on a variety of devices, apps generally run faster, and this gives users a smoother experience on this platform. Our company ensures that your apps run perfectly on all kinds of Android smartphones.


Amazon Store

With Android app development, it is also possible to publish apps on Amazon’s app store for its Kindle Fire tablets. This is because they also use Android underneath for their Fire OS.


Better Ad Targeting

It is also easier to market other products with Android apps because Google has a much more sophisticated ad network. Thus, even marketing is more beneficial on Android devices than on iPhones.










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