02 Apr 2016
PSD to Magento Features

12 Powerful Magento Features that can be a Springboard to success!

Are you facing difficulties to manage your ready-to-use Magento theme? Did you hear about the benefits of PSD to Magento conversion? If not, let us show you some excellent and powerful PSD to Magento theme conversion benefits by focusing on a research-based discussion of Magento features below:

1. Open source: Developers can use Magento as it is an open-source platform; readily available and majorly preferred to build web stores and other eCommerce features. Visibility is enhanced through converting PSD to this powerful CMS which is SEO friendly and highly functional.

2. Flexible: To inculcate new methods of working with Magento CMS, ask professional developers. It is highly flexible to integrate stress-free customization of products, shopping carts, layouts etc. product descriptions appear easy-to-read and stylish if you choose a good theme by asking the designated developer working on your website.

3. SEO optimized: PSD to Magento conversion leads to a website transformation, supporting SEO features that communicate freely with the search engine and boosts ranking anytime.

4. Responsive: Cross-browser compatibility and responsiveness are not matters of concern for Magento powered websites. Prospective customers can be reached easily by integrating this e-shopping portal on mobile and other gadgets.

5. A single back-end for all web stores: Several shopping stores can be added on a single website as there is a feature in Magento to do so. This also includes maintaining and updating numerous products and catalogs that offer a seamless shopping experience for all your consumers. They can easily navigate through their products and add items in their wishlist.

6. Cross-browser compatibility: Search engine ranking becomes easy with websites having a cross-browser compatibility feature. Websites enabled with this feature can be accessed through different browsers, making it easy for customers to shop or bookmark your store.

7. Integrated Payment-options: With Magento integration, it would be easier to put multiple payment options for your consumers that increases your sales by not limiting their payment options. The involvement of well-known ssl encrypted web payment gateways like PayPal, Quickbooks, e-bay etc allows international and national customers to access your store and get a flawless shopping experience.

8. Multilingual & Multi-currency: Currency conversion & Multilingual Features: Magento powered websites support multi-currency (automatic conversion of currencies) and multilingual features that work for the long haul.

9. Safe authorization: The most important components of Magento powered websites lie in their secured and safe, no data infringement from external sources – hassle-free experience.

10. Easy Check-out Option: Checkout is very easy in Magento-powered website as customers can find all their products in one place, without the need to figure out different products on different checkout windows. There is a single checkout option and this leads to high sales as well as brand credibility.

11. Evaluation: There is a separate feedback service that governs and evaluates the communication system between buyers, owners and merchandisers.

12. Good news for big businesses: Magento based eCommerce websites can receive and place up to 500,000 products and work on 80k products simultaneously without any hassle in a span of 60 minutes only. This shows how robust the eCommerce store would be if it is built on Magento platform, which might easily process gigantic orders without loading delay for big businesses. Good news for website owners! Isn’t it?
For website owners and users, Magento-built websites are more than useful. Web owners can easily customize the website from back-end and also use custom e-commerce web design to make the store look attractive and easy to bookmark. No wonder, this is one of the reason why around 110000 merchants across the world use it for their own web stores.