29 Dec 2014
Ecommerce integration service- Fast Conversion

How to Easily Add Ecommerce Support to Your Site with Integration Services

If you are involved in selling a product or service of any kind, doing it through your own website is the best solution today. E-commerce is growing like wildfire and even small websites have their own little stores. Adding an e-commerce element to your site is easier today because of the number of services that offer to do the integration for you.

Add Ecommerce integration service to your existing website

You do not need to redesign your website in order to make an e-commerce section. All you need to do is hire a company to choose a good e-commerce framework for your site. This will allow you to:

• Sell your products through your own site in addition to other channels
• Keep more visitors interested on your site rather than sending them somewhere else
• Make it easier for potential customers to do business with you

When you contact an e-commerce integration service, keep a list of features that you want to add to your website, so they can create a more specialized solution for you.

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Ecommerce SEO

Services like Fast Conversion, in addition to integrating an online store with your website, will also perform white hat SEO for your website. This will ensure that:

• Your website shows up in the first few results on search engines for certain searches
• Your online store gets more genuine visitors
• You generate greater sales and increased your revenue

Now, SEO is not a definite science, but good e-commerce services know how to choose the right keywords to use on your website and how to modify the code so that search engines find your website more relevant for certain search terms entered by users.

Choose the right software

While you could simply add an e-commerce plugin to your own website, it is always better to consult a specialist service to choose the right software. There are dozens of eCommerce platforms including Magento, Zen Cart, WordPress PluginsCustomize Joomla plugin and component and loads of others.

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Integration services can help you avoid a lot of confusion by:

• Analyzing your website and your e-commerce requirements
• Choosing the right software platform and plugins for it
• Creating a new framework if others do not work well for you

Modern features: It is not just enough to put up an online store and increase your traffic. In order to ensure that you have a higher conversion rate, you need additional features installed on your e-commerce site such as:

• A smooth payment integration so customers can pay with a few clicks
• Optimization for mobile devices, so they don’t find it difficult to navigate
• Geolocation features, so that you can identify where a visitor is located and present a suitable web page

E-commerce integration services like Fast Conversion will also help you with your web analytic. You get an idea of how much traffic you get from search engines, what percentage of visitors become paying customers. They even provide you with weekly reports so that you can keep tabs on your progress and find out how you can improve your site.