12 Jul 2016
WordPress Plugins for Image Optimization

Best WordPress Plugins for Image Optimization

WordPress Plugins for image optimization can contribute to the success of a website by fostering fast page loading capacity and use of bandwidth. If a user has to wait while a web page loads and this happens multiple times, then it is unlikely that they will not hit the back button and search for another website. Your WordPress site can load faster if you optimize your images. It is a well-known fact among e-retail, digital photography and blogging industries. High-resolution images are responsible for increasing the loading time of a webpage. But, WordPress Plugins help in compressing the images without compromising on their quality.

Let’s look at some of the best WordPress plugins for Image Optimization:

WP Smush – Image Optimization Plugin

WP Smush Image Optmization WordPress Plugins

Image Source: https://wordpress.org/

WP smush is relatively faster and user-friendly as per users and has been a well-recommended image compressing plugin for WordPress.
It let’s you compress any kind of image file format, such as PNG, JPEG, GIF up to 32 megabytes & more using their free image smusher. Before adding your raw image files to your media library, wp smush scans your uploaded images and lets your website get rid of any unnecessary heavily loaded files, automatically. It is compatible with WP retina 2x and NextGen Gallery for HQ Image display with a small file size. If you want a validation on the quality of the plugin, use it and then test server tools like GTmetrix which is adept in showing the page loading speed of any website.

EWWW Image Optimizer

Image Optmizer WordPress Plugins

Image Source: https://wordpress.org/

Now, you might be looking for an image that not only lets your website load faster but also help in backup options. For example, photographers need a lot of backup space for their raw files. Means a LOT. They will find Ewww image optimizer to be their best bet when it comes to backup. All images are scanned and optimized, no matter when they are uploaded to your site. Another biggest advantage is the conversion of images to an appropriate file format that creates the smallest image size.

You must try the lossy PNG option if pngout or optipng is not good enough when used in conjunction with Ewww.

Added feature: This plugin can run on your private server, there is no need to wait in a queue for receiving, processing and optimization of images on a 3rd party server. The image quality remains the same, but file size decreases.

CW Image Optimizer

Images Optmizer WordPress Plugins

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CW Image optimizer is same like other WP plugins but the only difference is that it can use Linux Littleutils image optimization tool & bases itself on WP smush.it This has relevance to the fact that images that are automatically optimized will always be found on your server. Additional installation of Littleutils is required.
Added feature: Faster backup and less bandwidth usage since image optimization using this plugin can let you save additional KBS from your uploaded image files.

Are You supposed to Pay for plugins?

Well, Yes! Free stuff is not always good enough for your enterprise. If you are ambitious to make it big and work flawlessly, you might want to check out ShortPixel which comes with loads of features and needs subscription for you to be able to use API key for the plugin to work. Image optimizers like ShortPixel are very useful for educators or digital marketers who need to save heavy files on their company server. The price range for shortpixel starts at an affordable rate. Want to try?

Compress JPEG & PNG Image Optimizer

Images Optmizer WordPress Plugins

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Yet another paid version of WorPress plugin, Compress JPEG authored by TinyPNG, is a robust, most preferred tool for image optimization. TinyPNG has its reputation to be a SaaS service & prides itself in losslessly optimizing JPEG and PNG files. With its super fast optimizing capacity and smooth backup options, Compress JPEG has beaten its competitors with over 1000+ install in its initial releasing phase (February 2015).
For Blog, Image or Portfolio oriented websites, one must use a paid image optimizer plugin to gain optimum results.
Other contenders in this group is Hammy, Imsanity, PB Responsive Images and SEO friendly images.


It is always recommended to use a website which has quality plugins, beautiful codes packed with features and user-friendly. Premium WP plugins are designed to offer ease of working not only for website owners but also web developers. If you aren’t sure about setting up a WordPress site by yourself or to install plugins, contact web development outsourcing firm – Fast Conversion, a PSD to WordPress conversion service provider.