02 Jan 2015
Customize Joomla

Customize Joomla and Add Features through Plugin Development Services

If you want to develop a new website or migrate from an existing one to a new framework, Joomla is one of the best platforms available today. It has a number of features that makes it easier for businesses to design and deploy web pages and applications without spending a fortune. Also, because of its popularity, a number of services help you set up websites on Joomla and add features.

Website development

Here is why it makes sense to set up your website based on Joomla:

•    Support for modern web standards.
•    Based on PHP and MySQL, which are the most widely used platforms on the internet.
•    Easy to add features to your website after it is completed through components.
•    Open source software, so you do not have to worry about a license.

Fast Conversion is one of the most prominent services that help businesses build websites based on Joomla. They help you install, configure and deploy your website, smoothing out issues with the software on the fly. This allows you to run your business website without needing to have deep technical knowledge.

Customize Joomla plugin and component development

Another reason why Joomla is that it provides such a safe bet for your website is because of its component system. Every website has its own unique requirements. You do not need to install all the features offered by Joomla for your website. The framework is made up of components that contain individual software features that you may or may not need. One can customize Joomla plugins. What a Joomla customization service will do for you:

•    Analyze your requirements and figure out which features you need
•    Remove those components that you do not need
•    Install Joomla and configure it with the components which are useful to your business site
•   This makes Joomla an incredibly efficient software platform for your website. You will experience faster background processing, page loads and better performance in general.

Custom themes and designs

Joomla comes up with hundreds of free templates and plugins. You can change the color scheme, modify placement of elements on your web page, add e-Commerce features to your site, and a lot of other things through affordable services like Fast Conversion. Joomla makes it easy for you to modify your website the way you want it.

Like all websites, a Joomla based site also needs support and maintenance. The good news is that it is cheaper to do this as compared to many other website platforms out there because:

•    Many competing services offer affordable maintenance services
•    It is simpler for experts to troubleshoot problems that arise with Joomla

If you want peace of mind about your Joomla website, choose a company that has experienced developers to maintain your website. You also want them to be reasonably priced, so your ROI remains high.

Fast Conversion is a Website Design and Development Company  which is dedicated to developing, deploy and maintain your website for you. We also offer Joomla plugin and component development, which would help your Joomla website become more functional and feature rich, additionally, customization of CSS give your website a new look. We customize Joomla as per our client’s needs.