25 Jun 2015
How a Next Generation Mobile E-Commerce Website is useful to all- Fast Conversion

How a Next Generation Mobile eCommerce Website is useful to all

Here’s a question: If you’re a smartphone owner, how has been your mobile shopping experience?

Let’s say, you checked your mobile for weather updates and thanks to your smartphone, you got an alert of a storm which you can avoid today, while driving through the usual highway. Google and all other search engines are available right at your finger tips and you feel wow! With that said, I also go back to the very first experience of having a smartphone. Apart from shopping, you might have had that urgent need to check the stocks on phone. Do you remember, the activity that used to consume hours in a day, just appeared to be finish in a few minutes? I call it as, the Mobile addiction. Conveniently, its work on mobile too.

So, I welcome you all to the mobile eCommerce website era, where you get the chance of saving your time and money in terms of shopping! Mobile e-commerce not only transforms the way you look at ‘portable’ shopping but lets you manage your business on the go! Simply make an app on your store’s name and boom! There you go… It is the fastest and the most convenient segment that is evolving every minute. Initially, you might just feel the awe of choosing from hundreds of mobile designs for your eCommerce stores that are inspired from some of the bestselling stores in the World like Amazon.

Do you know?
•    Amazon accessed from Mobile has more than $1 billion purchasing history in recent years.
•    Amazon also has more than 75% users from U.S.A. who shopped from their mobile internet or apps.

Mobile shopping is a big reality and a dinner-table topic today. Imagine by 2018, the world will see mobile devices to account for 30% of retail e-commerce spending. Currently, more than 80% of mobile user’s buying decisions are influenced by mobile devices and this doesn’t necessarily include their final purchase.

Move ahead of others:

It’s not necessary to become the mobile geek or even IT guru to have an effective mobile site for your business. There are some important points to ponder upon that would serve your interest:

1)    Finding the right keyword – It has been noticed by Google that many mobile users do not type the same thing that they type on desktop search bar. This means, we need to be very careful in knowing the correct words which are typed on mobile for search. As a consumer, anybody types “nearby” to get to the desired store, (i.e a grocery or restaurant), even a bus or metro station info. Check out Google’s new keyword planner to investigate on keyword searches.

2)    Choose the right track – To get a wonderful and user-friendly mobile optimized eCommerce, you can choose a responsive design or hire a developer to create that for you. Fast conversion is adept at making such themes for you.

3)    More Benefits – It will take lesser time to read the descriptions as they will be shorter, navigation will be smooth, CTA’s carefully designed to fit the touch space. This will also give you an idea of what your consumer needs and to keep the appropriate content accordingly.

The best part is, EASY BUY option. A cluttered mobile site increases bounce rate as customers are annoyed at tapping on an information for 2- 20 secs. They simply lose interest.

When hiring another or designing the site yourself, things to remember will boost your mob site performance:

#Quick loads – Have you heard of Kissmetrics? It shows a shocking data of 1 sec delay in loading page that reduces 7 % of conversion rate. Kissmetrics have carefully analyzed the shopping behavior of consumers according to website performance. If the website is too slow to load, then your conversions are sure to go down. Also, check daily bugs and caches that cause frequent crashes and errors while accessing your mobile site.

#Add a call button – Unlike desktop sites, which have a “chat with us” pop up, your mobile site can really perform well with a contact number hyperlink or an option to make a call from site right away.

# Friendly User details – Another thing to substantialize would be to keep simple log-in options and checkout, free of unnecessary personal detail submission. Check out Paypal, Apple and easily payable options which are convenient and secured at the same time. Morever, these sites already have customer credentials, hence it would be a hassle-free shopping experience for them. The “push notification” can advertise your new products and services that can increase a good rapport building activity in between you and your consumers. Some call it the “brand building” method. Compliment your customers with discounts and offers with or without coupon. Encourage them to join in the fun.

Some Ideal Mobile Sites

To look at a variety of good mobile sites, type an m. on your smartphone and then follow these company names written bellow:

•    Mobile.starbucks.com (first one has been exemplified, try same with others).
•    Patagonia
•    Amazon
•    Zappos
•    Nike
•    Burton

Remember, mobile site is not an “option” anymore, it is a “necessity” that benefits all and will be doing so all the more in the upcoming years. Lastly, don’t forget to answer my first question at the beginning of this article as that leaves room for your experience as a consumer to make an ideal mobile site for yourself. Good Luck!!!