14 Mar 2016
WordPress Plugins

How to Use Thank-you email plugin to increase Traffic on Your WordPress Blog

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For social media enthusiasts it is essential to get a positive feedback after commenting on a blog that has an excellent open-source platform like WordPress. They want to feel noticed and subscribe to your email list. This particularly lets you invite them over an intellectual engagement with other readers of your blog. In this blog post, we will discuss how to send a warm acknowledgement mail to your blog commenters.

Why biz owners need to send Thank-you emails?

To generate a thought-provoking reaction, you must post interesting articles that talk about your products and services. Tips, reviews, promotional content can spread a ‘high alert’ amongst industry- specific readers & leaders, all alike. WordPress Theme integration lets you choose a seamless blogging option and professional programming expertise is not needed to install and use ‘customization’ or post settings. There are some tried and tested methods of getting comments from your visitors. You might want to include ‘subscribe’ button to share it at the bottom or reply to their comments. However, there is a 90% chance that visitors wouldn’t be subscribing. Now what? Of course, the only thing you can do is to acknowledge their comment by sending a simple ‘thank you’ email. It boosts your brand image by reminding them about their comment on your blog and encourages them to find out what’s new. Here’s a catch. You can now send them some ‘discounts’ upon registering on your website or subscribing to your email list. This will definitely repeat the positive cycle of interactions that lead to conversion.

Being a Thankful Admin:

Install and activate Thank Me Later one of the awesome thank-you email WordPress plugin that lets you track the number of opened thank you email on its ‘stats’ page. You might want to notify your visitors about the tracking.
To add new users to the mailing list, click on ‘add new’ on the messages page. Add their name, email address and subject one by one.
Customizing an email text in the message text area is easy. Use a shortcode by clicking on the ‘show short code list’ to insert. After you complete writing, you might want to use the ‘preview panel’ on the left.
Thank Me Later plugin also lets you choose the time of sending the email format in minutes.
Next you can choose how many emails should be sent to visitor. By Default it is set to 0. You can also choose
“Targets all posts” or manually choose “tags”, “categories” and “posts” related email sending options under ‘Targeting’ category.
Click on ‘save message’ button when you are done with the email settings. This Plugin lets you use multiple email communication according to targeted options and durations.
Keep in mind: It has one sample message that targets all posts, so if you are creating a new message, you might need to delete the default message in the plugin. You can view stats of emails sent & opened by users on Appearance > Stats setting.

How to Troubleshoot Email Issues?

Gmail and other popular emailing services use anti-spam algorithms that detect the location of email. Some of the emails are sent straight to spam folder. This will definitely affect your email distribution. Herein, we advise you to use third party applications like SendGrid, Mandrill, Google Apps to solve this issue.