20 Nov 2015
joomla Extensions development

Implement Your Marketing Strategies with Ease Using Quality Joomla Extensions

Joomla is up there with the best of content management systems (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL. It is highly reliable and used by some of the highest profile sites on the web. The ability to add features and modify functionality of Joomla through extensions is one of the biggest reasons to use it for your own website, whatever its purpose may be.

Extensions allow you to customize your site and make sure that you have all the functionality you need, in order to grow your incoming traffic and improve your profits. Name any feature you want and Joomla has an extension for it – free and paid. Here are just some of the things you can do with these Joomla extensions.


Mailing lists are still one of the highest ROI methods of gaining exposure and increasing sales. Joomla has, by default, simple mailing features, but if you want to manage thousands or millions of subscribers, you might want to get a more feature rich extension. AcyMailing Starter is one of the better choices in this area. It lets you –

• Create newsletters with good design without any technical knowledge of html or other software
• Handle any number of subscribers without getting overwhelmed
• Confirm and validate email addresses, so you don’t waste resources trying to send your newsletters to non-existing addresses
• Attach media like text files, images and much more

Mailster is another such extension that lets you handle mailing lists without having to spend hours configuring mail servers and databases.


If you are having trouble keeping track of customers, clients and sales, you have a number of CRM (customer relationship management) extensions to choose from. JEXTN lead management system is one of the best products for CRM on your Joomla website.

• It lets you keep track of leads in a much more organized manner
• Let’s you create custom fields beyond the defaults, so you have the right information
• Let’s you validate forms using AJAX
• Makes it easier for admins to assign leads to salesmen through a smart processing system

If you are using InfusionSoft, you can use JoomFuse instead, which provides you with a more seamless integration. Even if you have your own CRM, you can get a developer to create an extension that makes it easier for you to use it on the Joomla website.

Landing pages

When it comes to increasing conversion, a well-designed landing page will do more than any other strategy for you. You need your landing page to be easy to understand and lead directly to a product. More importantly, landing pages need to be customized according to where the visitor clicked on the link to the page from.

The Inbound is one such Joomla extension that gives you customized templates for landing pages. This has a few benefits:

• You align the content you publish on the page to your customers’ interests (for instance, a visitor who clicks a link from a marketing email will see a different landing page than one who clicks on online ads)
• You get a number of pre-designed templates that will well-suited to your business
• You can customize these templates or create your own from scratch

Extensions like these make inbound marketing much easier through amazing landing page designs and can dramatically improve your conversion rates.


Most extensions for Joomla are small and fast. They are designed for a specific purpose and they do it well. However, you also get extensions that will handle every aspect of your website including:

• Marketing campaigns
• Landing page design and creation
• Auto responders
• Regular analytics reports
• Lead management
• Support and documentation

Marketing Rocket is a prime example of such an extension. It makes your life easier as a website administrator. It does not create a marketing strategy for you, but it does help you implement your strategies much more easily.

You will find extensions for custom themes, search engine optimization, security and many other features in the official repository. Even if you have some specialized need that is not served by extensions there, you can create one from scratch that does exactly what you want. The one important thing you need to do on your part is choosing the right extension for the right job. If you can do that, your Joomla website can grow at a steady pace and help your business grow.