10 Feb 2014
Integrate Existing Website to WordPress- Fast Conversion

Integrate existing website to WordPress

Still running a static HTML website?, or thinking about Website development for your business?? It’s never too late… We are here to help! Before developing a website it is really necessary to choose a right platform on which you want to develop it. You can come to a conclusion depending on your business requirements. WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System) which is good for both small and big business websites. Integrating any HTML website or design (which is first converted to HTML) to WordPress is a process. HTML to WordPress integration is done by our WordPress developers.

How to integrate existing website to WordPress

A Web Designer firstly analyzes the file format then slice the PSD file; break these PSD into HTML5 with 100% perfect web layout. A separate file structure is created and after that, we integrate existing Website to WordPress. The advantage of integrating website in WordPress are plenty and the best one being, it does not require technical expertise to change the contents of the website…


Other advantages of integrating your website with WordPress are as follows:

• One can customize his/her website completely without much of technical knowledge.
• Plugins are all you need.
• And if you have technical knowledge, even better, you can customize those plugins or even create them from scratch.
• Multiple user options with various access levels.
• There are numerous themes available in WordPress that you can customize according to your needs.
• No HTML editing required.
• No limitations on number of pages or posts that too with no or minimal effects on loading time period of website

There are plugins which are used to enhance the ability of installation. Like, if you are using any SEO Plugin, it means that all necessary things required for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) will be available in that Plugin.  Now imagine what wonders you can do once we integrate existing website to WordPress…