11 Jan 2017
PSD to WordPress Conversion

Why PSD to WordPress Conversion? What’s best: Pre-designed or Custom Themes?

WordPress has been around for more than a decade. What started as blogging software got evolved into an essential CMS system, and it is now being used on the non-blogging websites as well. The popularity of the platform resulted PSD to WordPress conversion as imperatives in the industry. The reasons WordPress platform is more ideal for your business website are-

• User-friendly, has spontaneous interface and allows the users to add blog posts, new pages and images faster and efficiently.
• Simple technology, so the time taken to format is reduced to half.
• WordPress platform is browser-based, and thus you can access it from anywhere and manage your website well.
• WordPress is an autonomous system. It does not need FTP or HTML editing software.
• WordPress coding is simple and clean, so search engine crawlers find it easy to read the content and index.
• Tags can be used to enhance SEO effort.
• For precise SEO, each post, image and page can have their own Meta tag title, description, and keywords.
• WordPress allows businesses to control their website and make simple updates by themselves.
• WordPress designs are customizable and allow your brand to stand out in the crowd.
• Blogging capabilities are in-built and easy to incorporate RSS/email subscriptions, commenting capabilities, and more.
• WordPress plug-in allows you to extend your websites functionality.
• Allows scalability without compromising the performance of your website.
• Multiple users can access your WordPress website.

Why web developers prefer PSD to WordPress conversion?

WordPress is being used by more than 60 million websites. This proves its height of popularity. Website developers prefer PSD to WordPress. Reasons why they prefer this conversion are as follows.

Design Customization

You can create customized PSD designs using Photoshop or Corel, and convert them into WordPress. Conversion can be a little complex for some, so take help from professional web developers for  PSD to WordPress conversion.

Improve user experience

Websites loaded with striking features also needs to offer easy navigation. Using extra plugins, you can easily shape the structure of your website as per your needs. Helping visitors find what they seek with your highly navigable and functional website will give them the best user experience.

SEO is available

SEO is a must to have your website on the top search engine results, in order to get wide visibility and attract organic traffic. During PSD to WordPress translation, SEO plugins (provided by WordPress) can be added, which will eventually help in website ranking on search engines.

Cross-browser compatibility

Many times websites experience cross-browser compatibility issues. PSD into WordPress conversions will help developers to eliminate this problem.

Pixel perfect designs

After conversion to WordPress, you attain pixel perfect designs that help in better transitions.


Conversion from PSD to WordPress means after transformation, you can make use of 40000 plus WordPress plugins. This will help you build a flexible website without making changes to its original code.

By now, it is obvious why WordPress has impressed worldwide web developers. Moreover, WordPress is an ideal CMS system for large organizations as well. Web developers can use WordPress pre-designed themes or custom themes for their website creation projects.

What are WordPress pre-designed themes and their limitations?

WordPress provides thousands of pre-designed themes, which are designed by different developers. The theme attractiveness level will depend on the skills and experience of the developers. A website represents your business online, so it becomes necessary for you to choose an ideal theme, or customize the existing one or create new one from the scratch.

Many web development firm’s purchase pre-designed themes from 3rd party developers and pass them as their own. It is a dishonest approach on their part.

When you work with pre-designed theme, the misleading advantage is its customization speed. Since complex coding in PHP and power struggle HTML, JavaScript, and CSS has been already sorted out, the professionals need to upload logo and include custom colors. It sounds simple theoretically, but practically it is a little complex.

Businesses need flexible website design for making spontaneous changes to obtain maximum performance. For example, after analytic report review you will need to change website layout intelligently for enhancing your ROI.

Third party themes make it very difficult to change their default designs. Pre-designed themes are intended to suit common scenarios and not the specific needs of your business. Therefore attempts made to change their handy-work can result in crippled layout, inferior usability, and finally serious compromises.

How custom WordPress themes are a better option?

A custom theme allows for highlighting your unique business presence online. The site can be modified easily, according to business changes as and when required. With WordPress, you get innumerable customization options for themes, without messing around with source code, which can be time consuming.


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