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At Fast conversion, we provide businesses with world class a CRM application development service that will help them in automating the sales workflows, and for improving customer relationships. We also work on creating brand new platforms for the existing systems, and making them more accessible. Our services are aimed at streamlining your business processes online, be it for sales, or for providing customer support.

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Customer relationship management or CRM is more important today, when compared to what it was in the past. Businesses are operating processed at scales that were never possible before. It has become much more critical for businesses these days to keep track or engage with customers, even if they are spread worldwide, in different time zones. CRM makes those tasks much easier, and makes SalesForce campaign management lot more efficient.

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Our CRM Development Portfolio

Our company helps businesses choose the right CRM platforms from among the dozens that are available. We help them evaluate their requirements, create proof of concept demos, and then narrow down on the CRM systems that best suits our client requirements. Our services also include configuring major platforms like Microsoft Dynamics, and deploying them for worldwide networking.

Why Choose Us For CRM Development?

Our developers of CRM team have been integral for creating many software systems that are used by thousands of businesses today. We understand the strengths and weaknesses of most popular CRM platforms. Our application development process makes sure that our clients get the most important features as needed by the sales force, while eliminating the less desirable aspects of various CRM systems.


Wide Support

At Fast Conversion, we support a wide range of CRM platforms including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, as well as some of the open source systems. The expertise of our developers with CRM software gives our customers the choices that cover the entire spectrum of their requirements.



The tools provided by our CRM software development service goes beyond what the major platforms offer by default. Our analytics does not just provide accurate information, but also tells you how to act on the data. That is one of the reasons why our client businesses can serve their customers faster.


Custom Features

Although the typical off-the-shelf CRM application today comes with loads of features, every business has particular functionality that is unique to them. We help add those features, while maintaining full compatibility with other parts of the system. We also remove the unnecessary features that can possibly slow down the business operations.



Developers at Fast Conversion understand how and why CRM platforms provide value to businesses, and we help automate a lot of the repetitive activities that sales departments have to go through every day. We make generating reports and finding data on customer interactions easier. Your employees will be able to effectively deploy the CRM system we develop, to increase the productivity of your company.


Custom Workflow

We set up workflows for your sales department, so that employees can manage their customers in the most efficient way, in accordance with your company policies. We have worked with hundreds of CRM systems for companies, and understand that no two sales departments are the same. Customization of CRM systems is the key for success.


24/7 Support

Our support engineers for your CRM software are available at all hours of the day. We understand how critical the system is for your business, and we make our best support staff available to assist you, whenever you run into a snag.

Why use CRM Development Service?

Hiring a CRM software development service helps you save time digging out information about customers and sales. It also helps you keep up with appointments and make the right decisions. This is because the application we develop for our client businesses gives them the right amount of information at the right time. By automating processes like logging time, generating reports and filing information in the database, CRM systems help sales departments save quite considerably on man-hours, which can be better spent on gaining more customers.


Track Consumer Preferences

A well designed CRM application allows businesses to understand how their customer needs are changing, and how to respond to their needs more quickly. It greatly helps with retaining a very high percentage of customers.


Sales Consistency

The software developed by CRM application development service that tracks sales from across different time gaps, so you can work on improving the sales conversions. It also helps clients better tailor their products for different times of the year.


After Sales Service

CRM applications not only help to improve sales, but also make sure that customers are happy. Businesses are able to improve the customer experiences by making it easier for them to track complaints. This also lets companies provide services more quickly, and achieve customer satisfaction.


Data Migration

You can also contact CRM Development Company for migrating from one CRM system to another. Make sure that every piece of data is present, as in the old system, and that the required configuration changes are made without errors.


Custom Dashboards

Although CRM software typically comes with ready dashboards, they are not suitable for every situation. We develop highly configurable custom dashboards, so clients can get only the exact information they want, according to their business needs.


CRM Troubleshooting

CRM development process ensures that there are proper hooks to every part of the application. When there is an issue with some data, and there is an issue accessing information, it can troubleshoot it in the shortest time, because we understand its inner workings.










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