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As a part of HTML5 development services by Fast Conversion, we modernize business websites, and arm them with the latest technologies and web standards. By making our client websites compliant with newer web standards that can be used by all browsers, we also make them user-friendly for the visitors. It indirectly helps in increasing the sales conversion rates on business websites. We help business of all sizes with creating everything from a simple home page, to feature rich web application and programs that run perfectly on all browser types.

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Web Development

HTML5 Development


HTML5 along with other modern web technologies like CSS3 and JavaScript places a lot of power in the hands of website owners. By choosing our HTML5 development services to upgrade your business website, you unlock the new functionalities on your website that were just not possible before. HTML5 is the best web language for creating responsive websites that can optimize themselves, according to various browsers and portable devices.

Our Clients Say

HTML5 Development Portfolio
HTML5 Development Portfolio

Our HTML5 Development Portfolio

We at Fast Conversion develop HTML5 widgets, games, enterprise applications, and pretty much anything that our clients need. We can create web apps that will work perfectly on desktops, mobile devices, and tablets. We turn even the existing websites into more feature rich responsive sites that are easily accessible to a much wider base of internet users.

Why Choose Us For HTML5 Development?

We at Fast Conversion pride ourselves at creating a web programs or application for our clients that meets their precise requirements. Moreover, our professional services are very reasonably priced. We extend top notch professional services to any business or company of any size. It does not matter if your business is just starting out, or if it is established, our web apps service is available for out for the best prices.


Industry Experts

We are rated as a top HTML5 development company because we hire only the expert programmers who are well versed with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. We understand the technology and use our knowledge to give you an impressive HTML5 website that will make your customers happy.


Transparent Processes

All through the HTML5 development process, our clients get the full reports of the developments on our end, so that any required changes can be quickly implemented. We keep our clients in the loop as the application passes through each stage, right from concept to delivery.


Hand Coded

The HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript codes developed by us are hand coded from scratch. We give highly optimized and custom websites that do not have any unnecessary features, and they load very fast for your customers.


Proven Record

We upgraded websites to the latest HTML5 standards for 100+ clients over the last 5 years. We understand what businesses are looking for with their websites, and we deliver every single time.


Quality Assurance

The HTML web apps are not only developed by multiple experts, they are also tested by a different group of developers. This ensures that we deliver the best quality websites that are highly stable, and work across multiple devices without a hitch.



When are have delivered a responsive HTML5 website to you, we guarantee that you will be satisfied with the results. This has been the experience of hundreds of our clients, and we care about your website the same way.

Why use HTML5 Development?

Companies hire HTML5 web development service with the man intention of reaching out to more and more customers, be it on their computers, or on their portable devices like smartphones and Tablet PCs. The modern web standards with HTML5 will give your websites more polished and improved looks on the outside, and make them even more efficient from the back-end. The responsive websites will adjust automatically and work seamlessly, across all browser types, and devices of all screen sizes. HTML5 can even reduce the size of your websites by at least two-thirds, as compared to the existing HTML based websites.


Advanced Functionality

With HTML5, additional functionalities like animations, local file storage and more can be added, without having to use complicated JavaScript or server side languages. The websites will load quicker, even after adding more functionality.


Works on All Browsers

With our HMTL5 development, your website will work uniformly across all the major web browsers and also across devices. Our responsive design services ensure that our clients will not need to have separate versions of website.


Search Engine Optimized

Most modern search engines expect the websites to conform to HTML5 standards. Upgrading your website will give you an immediate, organic boost in search engine traffic, leading to more customers.



With HTML5 development, we can easily add little animations for your web apps. Typically this development would have required the use of a heavy application like Adobe Flash before. HTML5 has functionality for animations built into the standard sources.


Drag and Drop

One of the biggest advantages from using HTML5 development for websites is the drag and drop functionality. Website users can upload or manage their files through website itself easily.



HTML5 can natively play audio and video, so websites will not need to use plugins or complex JavaScript applications to create audio and video effects.










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