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Our iOS app development at Fast Conversion is highly optimized to enable businesses to give their existing and potential customers a high quality experience on iPhones. We develop mobile apps that are highly optimized for your requirements. Apple devices are known to give users a premium experience and our services are build on that foundation to deliver high quality solutions at reasonable prices.

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iOS/iPhone Development


iPhones are simply the best smartphones out there and they also generate higher revenue than Android devices for app owners on the platform. Our iPhone/iOS development services use the Swift programming language, which is built from the ground up to make great iPhone and iPad apps.

Our Clients Say

iOS/iPhone Development Portfolio

Our iOS/iPhone Development Portfolio

Our iPhone app development solutions will help you make a variety of apps that will suit your business purpose. We make apps that make excellent use of maps and location. We also provide seamless integration with social media and even other apps. We develop apps that will interact with media including videos, music and images in a polished manner. In addition, we also make mobile commerce apps and retail apps for customers who run both online and traditional physical stores.

Why Choose Us For iOS/iPhone App Development?

Our developers at Fast Conversion are as reliable as the iPhone itself. Once we know your requirements, we quickly put together a coherent design and plan for your app. Our iOS app development process figures out aspects of an iOS app that are more important and relevant to your goals. As a result our clients get apps that serve exactly the purpose they intend and they are delivered on time. Always.



We have been developing iOS apps for many companies since there was an app store. Our company not only understands what makes iOS apps tick with customers, but also how to get you a wider install base through clever naming and UI design.


Hardware Accelerated

iPhone is known to have the fastest hardware, and our iPhone/iOS app development services will leverage that hardware to get your customers the fastest and smoothest app experience possible.


Professional Experience

Since we have been developing apps on the platform for many years, we have perfected and optimized the various stages of developing them. As a result, our clients get very polished services and experience when they work with us.



We use every security feature that the iPhone provides in its API during iOS app development, to ensure that the app we develop for you is also secure.


Premium Experience

We know how to give iOS apps a premium look and feel, so it fits well with the reputation of iPhone, and therefore keeps users hooked on to it.


Transparent Pricing

With our iPhone/iOS application development company, there are no hidden surprises. Our pricing is as transparent as can be, so you can see exactly what you will be paying us before we start writing a single line of code.

Why use iPhone/iOS application Development?

The iPhone is the most popular smartphone in the world. Although iOS share is only about 14 percent of all smartphones, it generated more than 80% of all the revenue for app developers. It makes straight up business sense for any company to develop an app for iOS first, as that is where you get the best potential for generating profits.


More Revenue

iPhone users are more willing to pay for quality apps. It is a proven fact that iPhone apps generate more revenue than other platform because of its inherently more conducive user base.


Seamless Integration

iPhone apps integrate more seamlessly with iOS as a whole when compared to Android, so users will more actively use your apps on the device.


More Exposure

iPhone apps develop by our company will not only give your customers a great experience, but they will also give the business more exposure through better app store rankings.


Faster Development

Our services XCode for developing iOS Apps, which is much faster than other IDE’s. Adding features to your apps is easier and faster than other platforms. Maintaining the app is therefore less expensive over all.


More Control

With iOS app development, companies only have to worry about 2 versions of the operating system at the most. This is because most iPhones run the latest versions of iOS.


Business Card

An iOS app is a virtual business card for companies because it introduces more users to your products much better than a typical marketing campaign. Having an app on the iPhone gives you exposure to a very wide and revenue generating audience.










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